Endurance Global weather underwrites weather driven risk management products

Global Weather


Endurance Global Weather writes tailored weather-driven risk management products indexed to weather variables measured and reported by global meteorological agencies and commodity price indices published by exchanges and other independent organizations. Weather indices can be based on variables such as temperature, rainfall, snowfall, humidity, solar radiation and wind speed while commodity indices include natural gas and power prices as well as a wide variety of agricultural prices for crops such as corn, wheat and cotton. Contracts can range in duration from several days to several years and be written in a variety of world currencies.

Target Clients

Our team works with corporations and municipalities seeking to mitigate their financial exposure to variations in weather conditions and weather-driven commodity prices. We have significant experience creating value-added solutions for our clients in the global energy, construction, transportation, renewable energy, retail and agriculture industries.


Endurance Global Weather offers significant transactional capacity and products can be delivered on a global basis as either derivatives or (re)insurance.

WeatherLock® financial products are tailored to meet our client’s specific requirements, with payments structured to address volatility primarily in weather-driven volumes.

CommodityFlex® products are triggered by the interaction of both weather and commodity indices thereby providing a greater degree of payment specificity for our clients in weather-driven commodity businesses like energy and agriculture.