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Endurance Reinsurance, aviation and space risks.


Endurance Re has offered reinsurance of aviation and space risks on a worldwide basis since 2002.  We work closely with ceding company reinsurance buyers and their brokers with an emphasis on establishing long-term relationships.  An extensive database of historical aviation and space claims and program structures, coupled with our specialized industry knowledge, enables us to provide our clients with customized risk management solutions.

Programs are written on either a proportional or non-proportional basis and significant capacity is available.

Target Clients

We target ceding companies that share our focus on disciplined underwriting and client differentiation.


With respect to aviation, we provide proportional and non-proportional reinsurance for airline hull and liability, aircraft manufacturers' products liability, and general aviation risks. We also provide proportional reinsurance for in-orbit coverage.



Tim Griffiths
Head of Global Aviation
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