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Endurance Agricultural Reinsurance risk management solutions


Endurance Re's Agricultural Reinsurance group specializes in developing risk transfer solutions for crop and livestock risk for businesses associated with the production of food and fiber. 

We bring considerable expertise to this sophisticated and rapidly changing worldwide industry, using cutting edge quantitative modelling techniques to develop innovative products and covers that address today's challenges including climate variability, volatile crop prices and an expanding list of livestock diseases.

Target Clients

We partner agricultural specialty insurance companies, banks, credit unions and agricultural cooperatives to effectively leverage their distribution channels and platforms. We prefer to partner on a project-based, product development basis and commonly work with the active support of government agencies.


We provide traditional treaty reinsurance, proportional and aggregate stop loss for primary insurance companies writing multiple peril, hail and named peril covers, as well as custom risk transfer mechanisms for agricultural-dependent industries with exposure to yield or price. We are global aggregators of agribusiness production risk associated with natural peril events and offer significant capacity to this market.



Avery Cook
SVP, Global Agriculture Reinsurance
Tel. +1 441 278 0901

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Kristopher Lynn
SVP, Global Agriculture Reinsurance
Tel. +1 441 278 0436

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