Quarterly Financial Highlights

Our Quarterly Financial Highlights provide a snapshot of our income statement and balance sheet, including business line premium distribution and an overview of our investment portfolio.

Q4 2015 Financial Highlights

Endurance Insurance
Endurance Insurance (A4) 
Endurance Re
Endurance Re (A4)



Insight and Perspectives

"Better Handoff Communications Reduce Risk and Improve Safety"

Insight and Perspectives is a publication of Endurance Insurance's U.S. and Bermuda Healthcare teams, offering information on healthcare news, trends and developments impacting our brokers and insured clients. 

Insight and Perspectives Archive

Binding Agent News

"System and Underwriting Workflow Improvements and Product Enhancements"

Binding Agent News is a publication of Endurance Insurance's Contract Binding Operations team, offering information on recent CBO accounts and upcoming product enhancements. 

 Binding Agent News Archive