Insight and Perspectives Archive

Fall/ Winter 2015

  • Better Handoff Communications Reduce Risk and Improve Safety

Fall 2015

  • Managing the Risks of Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants

Summer 2015

  • Tort Reform Update – Caps are Holding Ground

Spring 2015

  • Workplace Violence in Healthcare Facilities: Prevention and Management

Fall/ Winter 2014

  • Sepsis and Amputation:A High Priority Loss Trend

Q4 2014

  • Falls: An Often Overlooked Risk in Radiology

Q3 2014

  • Medical Identity Theft: Fighting an Epidemic

  • Tort Reform Update – More Innovative Approaches

Q1 2014

  • Risk Management and Infection Control: Intersection of Responsibility

Q3 2013

  • Risk Management and the Hospital-Owned Physician Practice

Q2 2013

  • Psychiatric Patients in the ED: Implementing: Risk Management Protocols to Offset Liabilities

Q1 2013

  • Tort Reform Update – Will Incremental Changes Prove Helpful?

Q4 2012

  • Healthcare Drug Diversion: Is It Happening Here?