Investing in Our People

We believe that our people are our competitive advantage and demonstrate our commitment to our employees by offering numerous learning and development opportunities through a combination of classroom, coaching and mentoring programs. These programs enable our employees to achieve their full potential as high performers who can drive business results and provide exceptional value to our clients and shareholders. Eligible employees can share in those results through our pay-for-performance-based compensation plan where incentive compensation is delivered based on both business performance and individual performance.

Training Opportunities

Our Professional Development Programs are designed to help every employee succeed. Through these programs, employees gain new knowledge, skills, capabilities and behaviors that prepare them to tackle any challenges they may encounter.

Our General Management Development Program is designed to increase Endurance's management knowledge and help develop the core management skills necessary to effectively and successfully lead others.

Our Executive Development Program focuses on strategic thinking, management and leadership, culture, accountability, delegation, and empowering skills that support the development of Endurance's top executives.

Performance Management

We foster an environment of ongoing, open dialogue between managers and their direct reports and conduct formal performance appraisals twice a year. Employees are encouraged to take an active role in the performance management process, preparing self-assessments and crafting development action plans for discussion with their managers. We believe this partnership can make a significant difference in performance and organizational success.